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Don Presidente, licensed stallion, chestnut, * 2005, 166 cm, 16.1 1/2 h.h. (2,5 years)

         Don Presidente
Dauphin Donnerhall Donnerwetter Don Presidente, licensed at Verden 2007, sold at Verden Stallion Sales to a very successful dressage barn in Netherlands ("Sunrise").

In 2008 he passed his Stallion Performance Test at Adelheidsdorf as reserve winner of the dressage index.
In the first instance he will be leased to State Stud Celle as a breeding stallion.

In 2009 Don Presidente becomes winner at the "District Championship at Nörten-Hardenberg", becomes "National Champion" of the Four-Years-Old at the national championship at Hannover and qualified himself at the "Hanoverian-Championship at Verden" for the "Federal Championship at Warendorf".
StPr Fabia Feiner Stern
StPr Papermoon
StPr Floria Tosca Fabriano Wendulan
StPr Auguste Augustinus xx
StPr Atlanta
Stallion Performance    Test     score       Adelheidsdorf, 2008     


Interieur 8,00 Rideability               8,33
Freejumping 6,67 Walk 8,50
Showjumping 6,25 Trot 9,00
Cross Country 6,56 Canter 8,58
Final score (5th) 118,23 Dressage-index (2nd)
Jumping-index (13th)
Don Presidente - licensing 2007  


    Don Presidente´s successes in horse shows: 
  • 05/16/2009     2. Pl.     riding horse competition, Liebenburg, Qualification for Nörten-Hardenberg
  • 06/18/2009     1. Pl.     riding horse competition, Nörten-Hardenberg, Champion of District Championship Braunschweig
  • 07/17/2009     1. Pl.     riding horse competition, national horse show Hannover, National Champion 2009
  • 08/6-9/2009    Hanoverian Championship Verden, Nomination for Federal Championship at Warendorf


Video - Good by for the Netherlands
extract from licensing catalogue Don Presidente at his licensing, Verden 2007
Don Presidente with his very proud breeder
Klaus Kuhn from
"Augustehof" after the licensing
Don Presidente - the third time under saddle
"Don Presidente" at Stallion parade Celle
aside of "Fürst Nymphenburg"
The four selected high quality dressage prospects:
Don Presidente, Fürst Nymphenburg, Edward, Sophokles
Don Presidente under Obersattelmeister Klaus Don Presidente at Stallion parade Celle
Don Presidente - basic gaits test Don Presidente - basic gaits test
Don Presidente - cross country test Don Presidente - cross country test
Don Presidente - cross country test - passing water Don Presidente - announcement of the results

(Foto: B. Eylers)                                                                            
Don Presidente at the stallion presentation of the State Stud Celle
at Timmel under his rider GOW Wrede.
Don Presidente was announced in "Der Hannoveraner"
Don Presidente and Eckart Wrede winner at Bezirkschampionat Braunschweig at Nörten-Hardenberg Don Presidente - Champion of the 4-years old at Nörten-Hardenberg
Don Presidente and Eckart Wrede -
Champion of Lower Saxony 2009
Don Presidente and Eckart Wrede -
Winner of Lower Saxony Riding Horse Championship for 4 years old riding horses
Don Presidente - colt
out of Dream Boy - Bonjour - mare
Don Presidente - colt
out of Warkant - Argentan - mare
Don Presidente - colt
out of Londonderry - Natiello xx - mare
Don Presidente - colt
out of Wanderbursch II - Amerigo Vespucci xx - mare

(Citation & fotos:
Within the scope of the "Horse Event 2011" Imke Schellekens-Bartels presented the 6 year old stallion to the enthused fans.
Don Presidente under his rider and trainer Imke Schellekens-Bartels during our visit in Hooge Mierde, Niederlande
Don Presidente at our visit in the elegant "Academy Bartels" of the Bartels-Family
Don Presidente and Stephanie Kooijmann in their first public performance,
winner of a ZZ - dressage competition (comparable with S-class "St. Georg" or 4th level)
Don Presidente and Stephanie Kooijmann
at CDI Roosendaal
Don Presidente with Lars op 't Hoog and Imke Schellekens-Bartels
in a Pas de Deux at Ermelo on the occasion of Horse Event 2015
Don Presidente with Lars op 't Hoog in a
Intermediare I at Geldrop
Don Presidente and Lars op 't Hoog in a piaffe  
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