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Fresh air, Light und much Movement

 ... are the most important commandment in our horse-care.
All boxes have double-doors to the outside.
The upper doors are kept allways open - of course also in winter.

Nevertheless our horses have a thin coat with short hairs,
start changeing their hairs already in January and are blank very early.


All our horses go outside daily all together for some hours.
Bad weather is no reason to stay inside.
Therefore we have a big paddock with sand, a paddock with pavement
partly covered over and a winter-pasture.

Of course our horses get a individual suiting food with much vitamines and minerals.
In summer our mares, their foals and the young horses
spend all day and night in pasture
and enjoy our daily visits to get their mineral supplets.
  Our three years old young mares learn in spring the first schooling under the saddle for three or four months. In May or June they pass their mare performance test and go to local mare show in June.

At the same time in May and June they start in three or four riding horse competitions. So we get a view, how they compete with the other 3 and 4 years old young horses.

Usually the young mares are already pregnant and go in pasture during the following months to complete their ripeness.

Franzi, 3 years old, with trainer Anke Elendt



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