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11/08/2008   "Donnanova" by Don Crusador out of StPr Floria tosca, still maturing to a wonderful thoroughbred influenced young mare, now also has been started under saddle without strong efforts.
She only shall learn the basics before she will have another big break for ripening completely.
10/29/2008   "Stanislaus", by Stedinger out of our StPr Watt Nuh, today changed his stallion raising barn with the stable of his very proud owner and future rider.  
10/21/08   In the occasion of a visit to Isabell Werth and her lovely facility at Rheinsberg, we met "La Rhani" again in best constitution and training.
We also had a reunion with Gigolo, 25 years, (still well known) and Fabienne (27), the first Grand-Prix-horse of Isabell. (Look at the picture right!)
10/16/2008   "Don Presidente" out of our StPr Floria tosca finished his Stallion Performance Test with great success. He got 135,32 points in the dressage index. This was the second place in this disciplin.

We are happy and proud, that he achieved such a good result at such a difficult testing in a very healthy constitution.
10/13/2008   "Richenza" by "Rascalino" and our SPS Shari, in the meanwhile matured to a very lovely young mare of almost three years, is since three days under the saddle of her future rider Lisa-Sophie Meier, who is taking on the first education of the mare. As you easyly can see, they are doing a good job together.  
10/04/2008   In excellent condition "Don Presidente" out of our StPr Floria tosca was presented at Celle stallion parade in the quartet of the young stallions with the most dressage disposition.


  Good news from Austria:
Don Kuno" by "Don Cavallo" (Donnerhall/Weltmeyer/Akzent II) o/o our SPM Fabienne under the saddle of Astrid Neumayer was winning a riding horse competition and a dressage horse competition at Salzburg/Austria.
We are wishing him and his rider further on much luck and success.
07/23/08   From Hidden Acres Farm we got the happy news. The three years old "Halleluja", a daughter by His Highness out of StPr Radunja, whom we sold 5 years ago to Michigan, USA, was called out "TOP SCORE CHAMPION MARE in the 2008 American Hanoverian Society Inspection" and became Elite Mare Candidate.
We congratulate Cheryl and Eric Johnson to this breeding success and wish much luck with "Hallie" and of course many gorgeous foals.
06/17/2008   Our new Statespremium Candidate "Ananova" by Alabaster out of StPrM Floria Tosca was confirmed in foal today. Since May, 31 she is pregnant by Sir Donnerhall (pic. right).
06/03/2008   Our four years old "Ananova" by Alabaster out of StPrM Floria Tosca gets the title StPrCand at the mare show at Königslutter and was called out "Champion Mare of the Show".
This is the sixth mare out of the crop of
StPr Auguste´s offsprings who gets this title since 1998 (StPr Franzi 1998, StPr Watt Nuh 2000, StPr Floria tosca 2001, StPr Radunja 2002, StPr Wakanova 2006, StPr Ananova 2008).
05/29/2008   StPr Watt Nuh was checked today. She got pregnant again and expects her foal
Samarant (Sandro Hit/Brentano II/Andrang xx) in April 2008.
05/29/2008   Today StPr Floria tosca was confirmed in foal for a 2009 foal by "Soliman de Hus" (Sandro Hit/Donnerhall/Alabaster) the topical Licensing Champion of the year 2007.  


  3:00 o´clock a.m. StPr Fabienne gave birth to another beautiful black colt (What else?).
Dolomit", also by Don Frederico (Donnerhall/Consul) is her 5th colt in a row, her 9th foal at all.
04/12/2008   "La Rhani" was sold at the Elite-Auction Verden to the barn of Olympic Champion Isabell Werth.

We wish them many great successes together.

                           La Rhani - Video - Elite-Auktion - 2 MB
04/08/2008   StPr Watt Nuh gives life to a wonderful chestnut filly by Sir Donnerhall.

"So Watt" is a swell filly with big shoulder and croup and fullfills our wishes in a special manner.
02/29/2008   "La Rhani" moves to Verden for the final training for Elite-Auction in April 2008.

                           La Rhani - Video - Elite-Auktion - 2 MB
02/25/2008   Monday night at 8:30 p.m. StPr Floria tosca gave birth to a bigframed, gorgeous colt by Locksley II, the Federal Champion of 2006. "Lawrence", better called "Larry", finally is - after a several years lasting abstinence - a lovely chestnut.


  Our brown colored weanling "Don Rolando" by Don Frederico out of our StPr Fabienne follows his black brother Don Kuno to Austria.  
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