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StPr Radunja, black, * 1999, 163 cm, 16 h.h.
Rosentau           Rubinstein          Rosenkavalier           Radunja, a black mare by Rosentau, you never can draw her more beautiful or more black, is a daughter by our Champion Mare of the year 2000 Watt Nuh.
At Radunja`s first competing at mare show in 2002 she becomes at once "Best Mare of the Show" and a States Premium candidate.

At June 2003 Radunja landed at New York. In her lovely body she was carrying along with her a foal by Weltruhm.
She will continue her great carreer of breeding at
Hidden Acres Farm in Michigan, USA.
Nevada Noble Roi xx
World Rose
StPr. WattNuh Weltmeyer  World Cup I
StPr. Auguste Augustinus xx
  Radunjas accomplishments at Mare shows:

 2002     I A, States Premium, Champion of her Class,
                "Champion Mare of the Show",

  I G - Price at Ratje-Niebuhr-Show at Verden, July 25, 2002

Mare inspection: Overall score:  8

 Race- and Sex-Type 8  Conformation 8   Correctness  7        Trot   9          Walk 8        Gen. impr. a. Dev.  8
  Head         8                 Neck 8                 Saddle position  7   Frame 8          Foreleg 7     Hindleg    7
Mare Performance Test                      Score        
Walk 8
Trot 7
Canter 8
Rideability 7
Jumping 8
Final score 7,56


 Successes in horse competitions:

 06/01/2002     3. Pl., riding horse competition at Bodenstein, Qualificatifor the "Finale des Bezirkschampionates"
                                 at Nörten-Hardenberg,
 06/11/2002     Mare Performance Teat at Dorum
 06/20/2002    6. Pl. at "Finale des Bezirkschampionates" at Nörten-Hardenberg



Radunja in August 2000, one year and a quarter   Radunja, in Mai 2001, States Premium,
Champion Mare of the Show
Radunja, Mare Show in May 2002, States Premium Cand.,
Champion of her Class, Champion Mare of the Show
  Radunja, 1st riding horse competition at Bodenstein
Radunja placed 3rd at her first riding horse competition at Bodenstein and qualified herself for Nörten-Hardenberg.
Radunja at "Finale des Bezirkschampionates" at Nörten-Hardenberg
StPr Radunja, Ratje-Niebuhr-Show   SPA Radunja at Hidden Acres Equestrian Farm in Michigan, USA,
with Cheryl und Eric Johnson
"Qrown Prince" (Quaterback/His Highness/Rosentau), grandson of our Radunja,
as Regional Champion, 5 years, qualified for the "Nationals" 2015
  "Qrown Prince" here placed 7th
at the "Nationals in Lexington, Kentucky


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