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StPr Ananova, Chestnut, * 2004, 174 cm (17 h.h.),
 Alabaster  Akzent II  Absatz

Already as a foal Ananova impressed with growth and magnitude combined with outstanding movements with tact and action over the ground.
Aged three she passed her MPT with great success under the saddle of M. Klatt.

Ananovas presentation at mare show was commented in the association magazine "Der Hannoveraner":
"This big framed, athletic mare with correct foundation presented herself in full ripeness and in her appearance she could not disown the type stamping influence of the "Absatz"-blood. With elastic through the whole body flowing movements in the trot and high productiveness in the walk she scored similarly well in her movements. ....
StPrC Ananova confirmed her supremacy on the final ring and was selected  for "Champion Mare of the Show".

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 Walesca  Wendepunkt
 StPr Floria tosca  Fabriano  Wendulan
 StPr Auguste  Augustinus xx
 StPr Atlanta
Accomplishments at Mare shows: 

2008 Mare Show Königslutter, IA-Price, Statespremium,
         Champion Mare of her Class, Champion Mare of the Show

Mare Performance Test Scores
Trot 7,50
Canter 9,00
Walk 8,50
Rideability 7,75
Freejumping 7,25
Index Dressage 8,04
Index Jumping 7,50



     Ananovas offsprings: 

  • Sierranova  by Sir Donnerhall, * 2009
  • "Soliboy" by Soliman de Hus, * 2010
  • "Don Amigo" by Don Index, * 2012
  • "Dianova" by Dancier, * 2014
  • "Djamal" by Dancier, * 2015
  • "Dancanova" by Dancier, * 2017



Ananova, just born   Ananova, 6 months
Ananova, 15 months   Ananova, 22 months
Ananova - 6 weeks under saddle   Ananova - 6 weeks under saddle
Ananova - 6 weeks under saddle   Ananova - at Mare Performance Test
Ananova, in April 2008   Ananova, in April 2008
Mare show Königslutter - StPrCand Ananova - "Champion Mare of the Show"   Ananova - lap of honour
Ananova - first horse show   Ananova - riding horse competition
Ananova - 1. dressage horse competition   Ananova - 1. dressage horse competition
Ananova with Soliboy at Verden foal auction 2010    


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