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StPrM Franzi, chestnut, (1993 - 1999), 168 cm, 16.2 h.h.
Fabriano Wendulan Wendekreis Franzi has been our dream-mare.

She was not only of a charming beauty, but also of a great performance. She prooved it in performance tests and as a broodmare.

Unfortunately she died very early as a consequence of a narcosis at Telgte.

Agmara Azur
StPr. Auguste Augustinus xx Kronzeuge xx
Akita xx
StPr.Atlanta Absatz
StPr. Valetta
Franzi´s accomplishments at Mare shows:
 5  x
 I A , States Premium 1996,
 Member of hanoverian breeding program for show jumpers
 4  x  Champion of her Class,  
 1  x  Champion of the Mare show      
 1  x   I C  Louis-Wiegels-Show at Hohenhameln
 1  x   I C District Mare Show
 1  x  Member of
Elite-Family, 3 x Member of IA-Familys
Mare Performance Test    score  
Walk 9,0
Trot 7,0
Canter 8,0
Rideability 8,5
Jumping 9,0
Final score 8,5
Franzi´s offsprings:
  • "Ghana" by Graf Grannus, * 1997, sold to Sögel, Lower Saxony
  • "Arcus" by Alabaster, * 1998, sold to Mühlen, now in Danmark



Franzi`s successes in performance tests:

StPr Franzi passed her MPT 1996 at Wittingen. She had been best mare of about 45 mares with the outstanding final score of 8,5 .

Three years old, Franzi was very successful in riding horse competitions with Ute Elendt-Meier in the saddle. She won six times 2nd, 3rd und 4th placements and placed third at the Final of the famous Bezirkschampionat at Bad Harzburg.

After two foals, now six years old, Franzi was very successful in A- and L-Dressage competitions. She won during two months 9 competitions an got 15 times 2nd to 5th placements.

In her life StPr Franzi won about 2000,- DM

StPr Franzi in a dressage competition at Destedt 1999  


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