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Some more successful horses out of Auguste`s damline:

(Foto: W.Ernst)
Foto: © B. Eylers
"Pracht Bube", a licensed son by Auguste and Pik Bube II,
was sold at Verden Stallion Sales 1992 to Belgium..
  "Fabuleux", son by Auguste and Fabriano, was licensed in 1999 and
was sold as 3rd expensivest stallion of the Verden Stallion Sales.
In 2000 he passed his SPT in Class I with a final score of about 122 Index-Points.
2004 "
Fabuleux" arrives at Bridlewood-Farm, Kentucky, USA.
"Arcus", born 1998, son of Franzi and Alabaster,
was sold as a colt to W. Schockemöhle, Mühlen
  "Arcus", 7 years, ca.17 hands (173 cm) stickm.,
was sold in 2005 to Lieneke Smid, Netherlands
"Ghana" (Gyana), born 1997, filly by Franzi and Graf Grannus,
was sold to Emsland, Lower Saxony
z "Ghana" and her filly "Money", Franzis grand-daughter by
Metternich, born 2001, - we are happy, that we could purchase her,
because "
Franzi" died in 1999. Later on "Money" got mother of
"Ferdinand von Nymphenburg", National Champion in 2010.
"Camilla", filly by Fabienne and Carbid, born 1999,
was sold at 100. Elite-Auction at Verden.
  "Camilla", alias SPA Chanel, passed her MPT with final score 8,0
(jumping 9,5), becomes States Premium candidate and
member of Han. Showjumping Program and competes
successfully at famous Louis-Wiegels-Show 2003 at Uelzen..
"Alexa", in the year 2000   "Freyja", born 2000, 16.3 1/2 h.h.. by Fabriano and StPr Auguste,
sold in the age of three years as a performance horse
Elite-Family, 3 daughters of StPr Auguste at Salzgitter Bad 1999
StPr Franzi, StPr Watt Nuh, StPr Fabienne, (from left)
  Elite-Family, 3 daughters of StPr Auguste at district mare show at Königslutter 2000
StPr Watt Nuh, StPr Fabienne, 2 years old Floria tosca, (from left)
IA-Family 2001, Dam StPr Auguste with two daughters
StPr Watt Nuh and StPr Floria tosca, (from left)
   IA-Family 2002, 3 daughters by StPr Auguste and Fabriano
2 years old Freyja, StPr Fabienne, StPr Floria tosca (from left)
"Money", born 2001, by Metternich-Graf Grannus,
sold in the age of three years as a broodmare
  "Alfredo", born 2001, by Alabaster out of StPr Shari,
sold in the age of three years as a performance horse
StPr Fabienne on mare show 2005, mother of "Elite Mare Family" with
her daughters StPr Shari (middle) and IA-priced Raphina (right)
  "Walentino" by Weltmeyer out of our SPS Fabienne
was sold to Wales in the age of four years.
"Lonely I" by Likoto xx goes 2005 to an eventing barn at Wiesbaden
after his stallion performance test at Adelheidsdorf
  "Don Kuno" by Don Cavallo
was sold to Austria in the age of three years
"Don Presidente", 2007 licensed at Verden and sold to an international dressage center  ("Sunrise") into the Netherlands.
On the picture he is winner of district championship at Nörten-Hardenberg 2009.
In the same year he became Champion of the Country among the 4 years old at  Hannover
  "Don Presidente" 2014 under the saddle of Stephanie Kooijmann in an international Dressage Competition (Intermediaire)
"Sierranova", 2013, here winner of the riding horse
championshi at Isernhagen under Thomas Scholz
  "Sierranova", 2014, in a dressage horse competition cl. L
at the Federal Championship at Warendorf under
Anna-Sophie Fiebelkorn
"Don Rolando" was sold as a weanlingin the barn
of his brother "Don Kuno" to  Austria
   "Don Rolando" under Yvonne Zorn (Austria)
successful in dressage competitions till cl. M  (2015)
"Sir Sherlock", born 2007, with his dam Shari
sold to Canada
  "Sir Sherlock" in the USA at first under Debbie Hill
later on under Emily Juchser Miles  (PSG successful in 2015)



More successful offsprings out of "SPM Auguste" damline, the line of "Astflanke":
Gekörte Hengste:
Gimpel (Hann), geb. 1981, gek. Hengst v. Gardestern I
Walzertraum (Hann), geb. 1982, gek. Hengst v. Werther,
Thaddaeus (Hann), geb. 1985, gek. Hengst v. Tannenberg
Aquamarin (Hann), geb. 1985, gek. Hengst v. Augustinus xx
Piment (Hann), geb 1989, gek. Hengst v. Pinkus
Prachtbube (Hann), geb. 1990, gek. Hengst v. Pik Bube II (Belgien)
Felix (Hann), geb. 1990, gek. Hengst v. Werther
Fabuleux (Hann), geb 1997, gek. Hengst v. Fabriano, (USA)
Wincento (Hann), geb 2004, gek. Hengst v. Worldly
L............. (Hann), geb. 1992, gek. Hengst von Lemon Park, n. Dänemark verkauft
Dresseur, geb. 200.., gek. Hengst von Diamond Hit
Don Presidente (Hann), geb. 2005, gek. Hengst
Herausragende Sportpferde
Important Lady v. Imperator, geb. 1987, (15.700,- EUR, Spr.)
Saigon, geb. 2001, Vize Bundeschamp. 2004
Rihanna, geb. 2003, Vize Bundeschamp. 2006, Finalistin 2007
Last Hero v. Lancaster, geb.      , dressurerfolgreich bis Kl. M
Felix, geb. 1990, dressurerfolgr. bis Inter I,
Fortissimo, geb.      ,v. Fabriano, dressurerfolgr. bis Kl. S
Night Star, geb.      , v. Natiello xx, dressurerfolgr. bis Kl. M
Wareika v. White Magic, geb.       , dressurerfolgr. bis Kl. M
Ferdinand v. Nymphenburg, geb. 2007, Landesmeister (Reitpferde) 2010
StPr Watt Nuh, geb.1995, dressurerfolgreich bis Kl. M
Jim Knopf (118), geb 2006, Viererzugfahren Kl. S
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