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StPrM Fabienne, brown, * 1992, 16. 1/2 h.h.

Fabriano Wendulan Wendekreis    

Fabienne was purchased in mother`s body together with her mother Auguste by I. und K. Kuhn . Her beauty, her willingness to work and her power of heredity induced her owner to repete the same arrangement to Fabriano for a lot of times.

They should get right.

Agmara Azur
StPr. Auguste    Augustinus xx     Kronzeuge xx       
Akita xx
StPr.Atlanta Absatz
StPr. Valetta
  Fabienne`s accomplishments at Mare shows:  

  5  x  I A, State Premium 1995,
  1  x  Louis-Wiegels-Show at Hohenhameln,
  2  x  IB at District Mare Show at
           Königslutter 1995 and 2000
  5  x   Member of IA-Familie
  3  x   Member of
           2005 mother of Elite-Family

MarePerformanceTest    score  
Walk 7,0
Trot 7,0
Canter 7,0
Rideability 8,0
Jumping 7,5
Final score 7,5
Fabienne`s offsprings:
 Successes in Performance Tests in 1995:   

 1  x   2nd Placement  in a riding horse competition 
          at Westercelle, final score 8,3

 1  x   3rd Placement  in a riding horse competition 
          at Barwedel,  final score 7,6

Fabienne , 3 years old with Ute Elendt-Meier, her trainer  
StPr Fabienne, 13 years, at mare show 2005, mother of  "Elite Mare Family"
with her daughters StPr Shari (middle) and IA-priced Raphina (right)
Fabienne in December 2009 with filly "La Rose" Fabienne, 22 years of age, still in good constitution
Preparations because of Fabienne´s 25th birthday Many nice birthday gifts for the breeders and for Fabienne and her horse family.


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