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Raphina, blackbrown, * 2003 - 2006, 16.2 h.h.(167 cm)
 Rosentau  Rubinstein I  Rosencavalier Raphina was lunged the first time in the age of two years for preparing her for mare show. Here she showed very good movements and a high disposition for learning with a very fine sensibility. At mare show she became reserve champion behind her barn companion Wakanova.
Judge´s commentary: "A harmonious mare with very nice face and correct in all parts."
Since October she was in education. At first in freejumping since December under saddle. In both disciplines she showed much rideability, motivation and capacity.

February 13 Raphina died under very unlucky circumstances because of a veterinary medical malpractice.
A very bright young horse life unrealized.
 Nevada  Noble Roi xx
 World Rose
 StPr Fabienne  Fabriano  Wendulan
 StPr Auguste  Augustinus xx
 StPr Atlanta
Accomplishments at Mare shows: 

2005  IA-Price, reserve champion of the class (behind Wakanova),
          Member of Elite family, Champion family

Mare Performance Test Score
Final score  



Raphina, just born Raphina, six weeks old
Raphina as a yearling Raphina, 2 years old
Raphina at mare show 2005, two years old, IA-Price, reserve champion of her class (behind Wakanova)
Raphina at mare show 2005, (right)
Member of Elite-Family together with her dam SPS Fabienne (left)
and her sister SPS Shari (middle),
winner of the "Heinrich-Sperling-Gedächtnispreis"
Raphina has startet her training under saddle with the end of 2005. She is showing a wonderful rideability and eagerly wants to learn all what you require.


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