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La Rhani, black/brown, * 2004, 17.2 h.h. (178 cm)
 Londonderry  Lauries Crusador xx  Welsh Pageant After cheery rearing without any problems, we started La Rhani under saddle in February 07. Being equipped with fine sensibility she surprised with great rideability, three very fine gaits, suspension and elasticity.

In her first year under the saddle of her trainer Ute E.-Meier, La Rhani was the winner of ridinghorse competitions for two times.

At Spring-Elite-Auction Verden La Rhani was sold to the barn of our Olympic Champion Isabell Werth.

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  La Rani - Video 7 MB   ( March 30, 2007 )

La Rhani - Video - Reitpferdeprüfung - 6 MB   ( July 06, 2007 )

La Rhani - Video - Elite-Auktion - 2 MB      (March 03, 2008)

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La Rhani - 2 days old La Rhani - 19 days
La Rhani - 17 months La Rhani - 2 years old
"La Rhani" -six weeks under saddle "La Rhani" - first riding horse competition
"La Rhani" gets her first placement at her first riding horse competition at Liebenburg.
La Rhani - with Anke Elendt in the saddle La Rhani - with Anke Elendt in the saddle
La Rhani - at her second riding horse competition under the saddle of Ute Elendt-Meier at Königslutter
La Rhani with Tine G. in September La Rhani with Tine G. in September
La Rhani - winner of the riding horse competitions
at Königslutter (07/06/07) and Hildesheim (09/15/07)
La Rhani - at Elite-Auction at Verden, April 2008
"Warum Nicht" and "La Rhani" are neighbours since a couple of years "La Rhani" - cuddly and mendycant as she has been since ever



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