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StPrCand Sadunja, black, * 2009, 165 cm (16.0 h.h.),
 Samarant  Sandro Hit  Sandro Song

Sadunja enjoyed her youth at our Augustehof without any problems.In the meanwhile she matured to a very lovely young mare with a fine and sensible character.
The quality of her movements and her obvious rhythm determin the first impression.
After successful MPT she got States Premium at mare show:
Annotiations of Dr. Christmann: " ... a mare, who scored today because of her moving qualities, showed a good trotting round, allways uphill, very easy oscillating over the back with much elasticity and ground roaming steps, also in the walk allways regulated, in the total construction very appealing, especially the very pleasing top line and the practical constructed kidney party, which enables the mare to use her back ... "

 EliteStute Loretta
 StPr Bellvue  Brentano II
 Wise Girl xx
 StPr Watt Nuh  Weltmeyer  World Cup I
 StPr Anka
 StPr Auguste  Augustinus xx
 StPr Atlanta
Accomplishments at Mare Shows: 

2012   Mare Show Königslutter, IA-Price and StPr, Champion of her class

Mare Performance Test Scores
Trot 8,00
Canter 8,00
Walk 7,00
Rideability 8,00
Testrider 8,00
Freejumping 5,00
She got only these two chances:
"Please create your own opinion!"
 Sadunja-Jumping (first time under saddle)
Index Dressage 7,84
Index Jumping 6,50

  Sadunja - MPT - 12 MB


Sadunja´s Offsprings: 



Sadunja´s successes in sports:

  • May, 22, 2012   Mare Performance Test, Verden



Sadunja - 1 day   Sadunja with dam StPrSt Watt Nuh
Sadunja - 4 days   Sadunja - 6 weeks of age
Sadunja - almost 3 years - first step under the rider   Sadunja - almost 3 years - just started under saddle
Sadunja - 2 months under saddle   Sadunja - 2 months under saddle
Sadunja - now three months under saddle   Sadunja - just before MPT
Sadunja - during her Mare Performance Test   Sadunja - during her Mare Performance Test
Sadunja - Mare Show Königslutter, IA, States Premium and Champion of her Class
Sadunja - with Mareike Flege   Sadunja - with new owner Vanessa J.
Sadunja and Vanessa J. - on the right way    
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