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StPrCand Wakanova, Chestnut, * 2003
 Weltmeyer   World Cup I  Woermann Wakanova (Wuschel) was lunged first time in the age of two years for preparing her for mare show. She presented herself with absolute outstanding gaits. The judges too were convinced about these 3 extraordinary gaits and made her champion mare of her class.

In her Mare Performance Test she dominated all other competitors with her outstanding dressage index of 8,75. At Mare Show she get Statespremium and was called "Overall Champion Mare of the Show".

On June 23, 2006 she has landed safely at the Airport Los Angeles, USA, to continue her so well started carreer in the "New World".
 StPr Duellinde
 StPr Anka  Absatz
 StPr Floria tosca  Fabriano  Wendulan
 StPr Auguste  Augustinus xx
 StPr Atlanta
Accomplishments at Mare shows: 

2005  IA-Price, Champion mare of her class
2006  IA-Price, States Premium Candidate, Champion Mare of the Show

 Mare inspection: Overall score:  8

 Race- and Sex-Type 8  Conformation 7   Correctness  8       Trot   8          Walk 9        Gen. impr. a. Dev.  8
  Head     7                     Neck 8                 Saddle position  7   Frame 7          Foreleg 8     Hindleg    7

Mare Performance Test Score
Trot 8,5
Canter 8,5
Walk 8,5
Rideability 9,0
Freejumping 6,5
Dressage index 8,75
Jumping index 7,75
Wakanova´s offsprings:


Wakanova, just born   Wakanova, 4 days old
Wakanova in the age of 3 1/2 months   Wakanova as a yearling
Wakanova (Wuschel) in the age of two years on mare show at Königslutter, champion mare of her class
Wakanova, about 6 weeks trained, with three super gaits.
Wakanova in freejumping
- without any commentary -
  Wakanova - with pleasing movements over the ground
Wakanova won a third placement at her first riding horse competition at Hildesheim
and competed successfully against a lot of black impressive stallions.
Wakanova achieved at her MPT an outstanding result. Her overall score of 8,75 in her dressage index
was the best result of the whole district association. At the annual general meeting of the breeding society we got an award for this breeding success.
So Wakanova repeted this outstanding success of her dam St Pr St Floria tosca out of the year 2001.
Wakanova at mare show at Königslutter, States Premium and "Champion Mare of the Show"



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