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StPrM Floria tosca, Chestnut, * 1998 - 2009, 171 cm, 16.3 1/2 h.h.
Fabriano         Wendulan         Wendekreis   StPr Floria tosca gave us much joy during her youth with growth and the phenomenal quality of her movements. -

With her trainer M.Klatt, Floria tosca qualified herself for the final of  the "Siegerpreis des Bezirksverbandes" at Nörten-Hardenberg , dominated her MPT at Köchingen against 45 mares and becomes "Champion Mare of the Show" at Königslutter.

We are very sad, that she left us so early. But in our hearts and in her outstanding offsprings she will go on living.
Agmara Azur
StPr. Auguste Augustinus xx Kronzeuge xx
Akita xx
StPr.Atlanta Absatz
StPr. Valetta
Floria tosca´s accomplishments at Mare shows:

  2000   IA Mare show Königslutter
                IB District Mare show
                Member of
Elite-Family 2000
  2001   IA, States Premium, Champion of herClass, Champion of the Show
                Member of the
Ia-Winner-Family, Mother and two daughters
  2002   IA, Show Königslutter,
                Member of
IA-Family: Three daughters of a mother (Auguste)

Mare Performance Test          Score 
Walk 8
Trot 9
Canter 9
Rideability 9
Jumping 8

Final score
 Floria tosca´s offsprings:
Floris toscas successes in performance tests:

 -  3rd placement at riding horse competition at Hildesheim, qualification for the final of
               "Reitpferdesiegerpreis des Bezirksverbandes Hannoverscher Warmblutzüchter 
               Braunschweig" at Nörten-Hardenberg in June 2001
          -   Champion mare at Mare Performance Test at Köchingen in May with final score 8,56
              (best score of whole "Bezirksverband Braunschweig")
            -   6. placement at final of "Reitpferdesiegerpreis des Bezirkschampionates 
              Hannoverscher Warmblutzüchter" at Nörten-Hardenberg


Floria tosca, 2 years at District Mare Show K`lutter Floria tosca, 3 years,
Champion Mare of the Show Königslutter

StPr Floria tosca and trainer Matthias Klatt in saddle placed 6th in June 2001 at final of "Reitpferdesiegerpreis des Bezirksverbandes Hannoverscher Warmblutzüchter Braunschweig" at Nörten-Hardenberg. StPr Floria tosca, winner of Mare Performance Test at Köchingen with final score 8,56 - here with test rider Hendrik Gäbel. It has been the best final score of whole Bezirksverband Braunschweig in 2001.


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