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Our breeding   -   2003

On this site you can find our broodmares with their foals and their pregnancies.

1. StPrM Shari


At 01/14/03 Shari give birth to her third colt,
Lonely II,
the second colt by

Likoto xx",
without any problems.

Lonely II is sold and has followed his right brother to Hunnesrück in September.
Since February 13th Shari is pregnant again this time by
the Federal Champion of 1999.

  Likoto xx   SPS Shari  


Lonely II - 10 minutes old   Alexa takes care of Lonely II like a mother
Lonely II - 4 days   Lonely II and Shari enjoy spring
Lonely II - in the age of 18 days   Lonely II - about 8 months old
Lonely II - ca. 1 1/2 years old - in State Stud Hunnesrück (Celle)   Lonely II - 2 years - at State Stud Hunnesrück
Lonely II alias "Look at Louis" in the age of 4 years   Lonely II alias "Look at Louis" in the age of 4 years


2. StPrM Floria tosca


On 2/17/03 our moving champion
Floria tosca"
gets a wonderful filly,
just as we wished,
by the stallion of the century
We call her
Since 03/19/03 she is in foal by
the Federal Champion of 1994.

StPr Floria tosca       Weltmeyer


Wuschel , just born "Wuschel", 4 days "Wuschel", 3 1/2 months


3. StPrM Fabienne 


Some minutes before midnight at 03/19/03
a daughter by "
a son of the famous legend Rubinstein,
without any problems and
without getting one wet hair.

Since 05/29/03 she is pregnant again,
this time by
"Don Cavallo".

Rosentau       StPr Fabienne
Raphina, 30 minutes old   Raphina, 6 weeks




4. StPrM Auguste



brings at June,17th ,
5 minutes before midnight,
a wonderful, rich colored colt by
Wolkenstein II" to the world.

Unfortunately Auguste dies one day after
Williams birth at the vet. university at Hannover
because of an inner bleeding.
William spends the first two months at
the "foal-farm" at Wittdorf .
Because of miserable care, we bring him
back already in August.

StPr Auguste       Wolkenstein II


William, 20 minutes   William and Alfredo again at home in their "Suite"
William, in the age of three months   William now one year old
"Willi the Orphan", 4 weeks under saddle
"Willi the Orphan", 3 month sunder saddle   "Willi the Orphan", 3 months under saddle




5. StPrCand Radunja   


Our "StPr Radunja"
is in foal by the black sire
Radunja is sold.
In June she arrived at her new home at
Hidden Acres Equestrian Farm in
Michigan, USA.

Weltruhm       StPr Radunja


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